Hyde Seeks: Vol. 9

Ah, how are my dear drooges this week? Good? Great! Let’s get going.

Who needs thrones when you have this? Be the center of attention anywhere you go. The MegaStar Podium from nDreams comes with 2 different poses for both genders.

Veemee’s next Morph suit wave is upon us! Along with the playful Mardi Gras skin here, there will of course be assorted solid colors along with tie die and the classic green.

Colonel Radec was kind enough to loan a couple of his tacticians to model our new guns.

This is the SR-47.86 mod. (Shockingly a Home Original!) Finally, a locomotion that will let you feel like a true soldier.

For those who don’t want to be as up close and personal to their targets, here’s the D86Y Long Barrel.

WHOA! Watch where you’re pointing that thing!

Now for the free stuff. x7 now has the glow wings for guys. Wing buddies for the win!

As always, I will gladly answer any questions you all have about Home. Post your questions in the comments section below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

One response to “Hyde Seeks: Vol. 9

  1. The MegaStar Podium really makes you stand out. I like the Mardi Gras skin and the guns are cool, perfect for a Helghan troop. 😉 Managed to pickup my glowy wings just a bit ago too, it’s good to be back HOME. 😉

    Good job, Hyde. 🙂

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