Edo Mononoke Hunting pt. 2

Hello and welcome to version 1.12 of The Edo Mononoke Hunting game.  This game features a few changes, so if you haven’t read my previous article it can be found here  www.gunsofthehelghast.com/2013/04/22/guns-of-the-helghast-engage-edos-onis/.

I will only be covering the new material in this article.

Now along with the new game they have also released new outfits with weapons, except for the sincere ronin (they clearly have something against the Shinsengumi…).  Everyone can use all the weapons, though.
As seen above the gunfighters are in red and the ronin are in blue.  They both have relatively the same stats.  When I played through I didn’t notice any difference.  Although, make sure to be aware if you are going to attempt the event with the sword, you might want to wear some better armor since your armor stat will only be 25.

Moving on to the gameplay you’ll see they’ve added a layer of fog, which makes it a little harder to see everything but the layout is still the same.

When you first start you’ll notice the first new monster they’ve added is a suicidal skull ghost (insert picture here).  This skull only takes one shot to kill, but you’ll want to stay away from it since it will explode if it gets too close, taking out a nice chunk of your health bar.

Also, they’ve taken out most of the ogres and replaced them with a couple of giant two-faced heads.  The heads seem to attack erratically and have no set number of times they shoot fireballs (just run back and forth to avoid getting hit).

Then, they’ll fall to the ground smashing anything around.  The heads take about 5 sniper shots to kill but you only have 3 shots, then you have to wait for it to recharge; you can also attack with the gun afterwards instead, which will instantly fill up a large portion of the slots.  Keep in mind that you won’t be able to move when you’re sniping.

If you head towards the row houses on the left you’ll find a red ogre walking around amongst the suicidal ghosts and umbrellas.  This guy is much easier to avoid than the last one and only takes 4 shots to kill.

All in all it should take about 10-15 minutes to kill everything, even though you only have to kill the two Okubi.  After you finish the game, run to the exit.  You’ll receive a special prize for beating the game, which is subject to change every week.

So go back every week to see what you get.  Also, there is a new reward in the game in the back corner of the row houses, so be sure and pick that up as well.  And last but not least there is a mischievous skeleton sitting on the toilet, go say ‘hi.’

That’s all for this update to the Edo Mononoke Hunting game.  Now go forth and shoot some evil ghosts.  For Helghan!!!

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