Japanese High School Mystery Adventure

Welcome one and all to the mysterious high school of Japan. Just in time for Halloween.  In this episode we will be following the exploits of a couple of students who really ought to know better. So, sit back relax and enjoy the latest holiday machinima from Ghastly Studios and Jive Cats Club. Remember to have a safe and fun Halloween.  And don’t eat too many worms. =op

2 responses to “Japanese High School Mystery Adventure

  1. Thanks!!! I think it turned out very nice. Everyone did a great job. =op

    You should check out the intro video I did for Jive Cats Club if you like black and white videos. Haha =op

  2. I like the sound effects. Good special effects, too; using the teleporter to make the ghost vanish was a nice touch as its transportation effect is blue just like the ghost. Brilliant camera work throughout.

    I like the cuts to white text with black backgrounds interspersed with the video. These hallmarks of the silent film era made me feel like I was watching an old fashioned movie like “Vampyre,” which is one of my faves, or something more modern made to look retro like “Call of Cthulu.”

    Enjoyable dialog and a good sense of humor with the hero Orga. Good lighting towards the end, the dark red of the school at night worked well with the slasher’s outfit.

    FF battle victory tune was a nice touch to end the battle with.

    Job well done Jiin, and well done to everyone who had a hand in making this project. 🙂

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