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Hello everyone…..Just in time for Halloween……My mistress has written an editorial guaranteed to make your blood go cold……..To make your skin crawl…….To make you shiver in your seat…….To make your hair grow white with fright…..To traumatize you in a way you can never recover…….You will not remember your childhood the same way ever again…………..That is all….Enjoy! >^0^</

Thanks Hamilton for that Gore-ious introducion! Mwhahahahahah!

I was going to make a vlog about my social commentary about the indie film Escape From Tomorrow, a film made secretly without the consent of Disney. But I decided to reframe from the vlog because when I made the vlog inspired by GirlWritesWhat entitled Our Experiences Are Our Truths, I noticed that a few people did not listen to the whole video and just jumped to conclusions that I am for/against a certain subject. And pardon my language but it really pisses the hell out of me when people just assume something about me without actually listening to the whole piece. Whether or not I’ll stop making vlogs with my social commentary is still up in the air. Right now I just want to type so let’s get to it.

As I mentioned, Escape from Tomorrow is a 2013 American fantasy-psychological horror film, from the debut of writer-director Randy Moore. It stars Roy Abramsohn as a man having increasingly disturbing experiences and visions during the last day of a family vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort. It premiered in January at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. This movie caught my attention to write this article because Code Name: Hyde is a creepypasta buff and recently shared the story Abandoned By Disney to me. You can read all about it at

Personally this creepypasta seems to be most credible because allegedly there was a jungle themed resort in the works in the Cayman Islands that Disney scrapped. The genius about this creepypasta are the vivid details describing disturbing environments and images like the one bellow of Monochrome Mickey.

I also came across a very disturbing image of a Disney Animatronic just by typing Abandoned By Disney in a Google Image search.

No the deer is not from the abandoned resort but what the hell Disney?! Trying to traumatize a Bambi fan much?! The deer is Max from Country Bear Jamboree. Seriously, Disney has to crack down on security.

Now on to the indie film, Escape from Tomorrow. I will spare you guys any spoilers because the film itself deserves your curiosity. Let me just say that Disney fans shouldn’t feel insulted by this film. It’s not trying to slander Disney in any way. It’s merely trying to tell you a story like all other creative mediums out there such as music, literature, etc. One you might not want to hear because of your love for Disney.

Doing my research on the film I realized that Disney is actually being smart about the whole thing from a legal standpoint. They chose not to acknowledge the film in any way and not take any legal action in hopes that it won’t create any bad publicity or backlash. For now it seems to be working. I actually praise Disney for such a mature attitude towards the whole ordeal. I commend them for that. I just wished a lot of other franchises would take the same approach. I recall 4chan stating, “Don’t feed the Troll” and that is exactly what everyone should learn. I know it’s hard to just ignore very harsh and insulting comments about your work sometimes but honestly, if you don’t respond to it DOES die down.

How I became aware of this film in the first place was because I saw a few seconds ad on my cable provider’s On Demand menu. I saw it once or twice and then completely forgot about it till Code Name: Hyde read the creepypasta to me. See? Died pretty quickly in my memory. In my opinion, any publicity whether it be good or bad is always good publicity. As long as people hear about your work it will create enough curiosity for them to invest into looking into whatever it is you’ve created. But I know everyone won’t see it that way. Especially Disney Purists.

After watching the film, I hugged my plush Bambi and gave it a kiss knowing that a creation, no matter what it is, is not guilty of what others think it should represent. And that everything created is always up for interpretation, negative or not. Condemning something does not equal it will disappear. It only immortalizes it. I recall a big fuss about Song of the South being Disney’s most racists movie and the Crows in Dumbo being a negative stereotype. And yet, society has chosen to just forget about it and move on.

Disney still distributes the films Dumbo and Song of the South and anti-war propaganda shorts because it is still within their rights to do so. And Splash Mountain, a ride inspired by the Song of South is still up and running in Disney World. But shhhhh! Don’t tell. You don’t want to upset modern society’s idea of their pretty little Utopia.

With that being said, I am Code Name: Zebra. Thanks for reading!

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