Guns of the Helghast Halloween Costume Contest 2013


Foreground (left to right): Hyde, Champ, Orpheo
Mid-ground: (left to right): Honeybee, Orga, Ventura, Angel, Richard
Background (left to right): OnePiece, Slayer, Trunz, Diamond, Sons

Happy early Halloween, all! 🙂

We here at Guns of the Helghast have been feeling the festive spirit since HOME’s spaces started receiving their Halloween make-overs.  In celebration of this time of year Hyde had again chosen to host a Halloween costume contest this October 22, 2013.  The contestants were creatively competitive and the prizes were as sweet as candy, come join me for a brief recount of how the night’s event went.

Hyde and co-host Champ set aside some time before the costume contest to decorate a location for the special occasion.  Situated appropriately within Konami’s Gothic Cathedral clubhouse, guests were welcomed to our Ghastly Hall by swarms of bats, scary skeletons, and sneering jack o’ lanterns.  The place was alive… er, undead, with a host of Halloween horrors; good job you two. 🙂

It was at roughly 8pm when our ghoulish guests began to arrive; various members from Guns of the Helghast, some in costume and others just for support, along with a special guest, Honeybee, head of the NWBB (Newbs with Big Boobs Call of Duty clan & PlayStation HOME club).  The more macabre mates, the merrier, since we wanted as many members from GotH and our associated groups to show up for this event as possible.  After a decent amount had assembled before our hosts’ crazed gaze, Hyde reminded everyone of the conditions for the contest and allowed all participants to make any last-minute changes necessary.

All costumed contestants were judged according to three criteria:

  • Accuracy (of monster type or if mimicking an established character)
  • Creativity (meaning absolutely no one piece outfits)
  • Uniqueness (an obscure ensemble enticed more than a cookie-cutter creation)

Hyde than laid out the prizes for the prevailing participants:

  1. First place received a $20 PSN Card Code to spend however pleased.
  2. Second place received anything from either Lockwood’s Gift Machine or VEEMEE’s 3D Printer.
  3. Third place received anything from Lockwood’s Gift Machine equal to or beneath a specified token amount.

Judging this costume contest was our host, Hyde, co-host Champ, and I.  One by one the contestants were called forth for evaluation.  Overall everyone did a good job of dressing up and meeting, to some degree, all three criteria for placement as winners.  There could only be three champions for this event (if you discount our co-host ;)), however, and after some deliberation the victors were chosen.

Awarded first place was Ventura for his portrayal of Quiet from the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.  Coming in at second place was Orga for his translation of a half-human Kuro, a PlayStation mascot; bonus points were awarded for fitting LMO use.  Coming in as the final prize-winner, third place went to Angel for his recreation of Scorpion, the feared fighter of Mortal Kombat fame.  Last, but not least, we had two honorable mentions, Richard the vampire and Honeybee the white kitten.  Congratulations go out to all our participants, a big congratulations to all the prize-winners, thanks to everyone who showed up, and a big thanks to Champ for helping to set up the event and Hyde for providing the prizes. 🙂  All are shown in the header photo atop this post. 🙂

Join us next time to read what other abhorrent activities we’ve been up to this time of year.  Till then we wish you pleasant nightmares and sweet screams, mwahahahaha. 😉

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