Guns of the Helghast Vex VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park

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A ghastly greetings today from Guns of the Helghast. 😉

October 25th, 2013, was a grand and ghoulish night for GotH.  Click to read further for this year’s Halloween hullabaloo, portentous promotions, and bedeviling birthdays, brought to you by your favorite hellish Helghasts.

As last Friday’s event was the final Friday before Halloween, our group dedicated the night to celebrating this haunted holiday.  Dress code for the night consisted of body costumes, party hats, and our Helghast helms because lung burn never goes on holiday.  Hosted by General Ventura of the 1st Division we set our sights on VEEMEE’s Halloween-themed Acorn Meadows Park.

Halloween 2013 Header Image

Appropriately decorated, the usual white light emanating from lampposts and the fountain was replaced with an eerie green glow, a spiderweb Ferris wheel offered five-minute rides for park patrons, food vendors served unique sweet treats, and the main bridge was draped in black and orange banners boasting bats and jack-o’-lanterns.  It was onto this bridge we marched and posed for our commemorative picture of the night, as seen in the image above.  Afterwards Ventura let us run about for fun and fright engaging in activities that might delight.  We rode rides and played around, and participated in a special scary sprint awarding a new pet, a witch-hatted cat.

Halloween 2013 Uh oh, OrgaOthers sat and spoke of spooktacular sights and personal passions.  Remember to be mindful of menacing monsters and dastardly demons this time of year, one of our own almost got carried off for supper, as the supper!  Luckily Vice Commander Phoenix was near to save General Orga from becoming a dino’s din-din. 😉  One has to wonder why Rex would run after Orga at all, considering how much tastier Phoenix looks.  Who doesn’t love a sandwich?

Halloween 2013 DanceAs the night neared its end we felt like capping off our time at Acorn Meadows with some dancing.  Don’t let our militant origins fool you, we can boogie with the best of them.  We had a good time at VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and a big ‘Thank You’ to Ventura for hosting the night’s outing. 🙂

Even though the event had concluded, our night wasn’t over yet.  General Ventura gathered us back in the clubhouse for two sets of announcements.

Promotions! 🙂  During the last Friday of every month we set aside some time to acknowledge those members and / or associates that have been putting forth a special effort.  It is thanks to these people we are able to pursue our pre-planned proceedings, and they are the reasons we wish to continue holding them.  Thanks to our newest Associate turned Member, Nikita Fan, congratulations on becoming a Gun of the Helghast in Ventura’s 1st Division.  Thanks to 1st Division’s Jiin, congratulations on your promotion from Lieutenant to Captain.  Thanks to Angel of the 2nd Division, congratulations on your promotion from Sergeant to Lieutenant.  Thanks to Lady Diamond of the 3rd Division, congratulations on your promotion from Sergeant to Lieutenant as well.  Finally I, Orpheo, resume the mantle of 3rd Division’s General.  My predecessor General Gamer has taken a leave of absence to focus on a personal assignment, we wish him much success and a hasty return.

The last announcement made concerned October’s birthdays! 🙂  Similar to promotions we like to celebrate all our members birthdays for the month during that month’s final Friday.  So a BIG Happy Birthday to Captain Jiin of the 1st Division!  And another BIG Happy Birthday to Captain Trunz of the 3rd Division!  Guns of the Helghast wishes you both a great birthday month.

That’s it for this Monday’s update.  Keep your eyes peeled for more from us here at Guns of the Helghast as we continue to expand our ranks, types of activities, and range of coverage.  Guns of the Helghast wishes you well. 🙂

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