Killzone Shadow Fall: The Pre-order Experience


Greetings my people, sons and daughters of Helghan, at Guns of the Helghast. This much I know: The history of these days will depend on your pre-order. Anyway, I post on this day to urge us all to pre-order Killzone Shadow Fall even if you’re not planning on getting the PS4 at its launch. I wouldn’t be saying this if I haven’t already done so. I happen to place my pre-order with Gamestop with the reason of obtaining the Shadow Pack. Pre-ordering has never been easier as I pre-ordered online and didn’t have to cough up my $39 (I had a $25 gift card) until getting to the store. It takes about 5 minutes of effort and it will be worth your while. The Shadow Pack contains owl skins, spot light move, and the official soundtrack of Killzone Shadow Fall. The code to redeem the Shadow Pack will be printed on your receipt. Don’t be lazy, it’s worth it. You’re eventually going to get it anyway so jump on the Shadow Pack today! Also, the plus about getting Killzone Shadow Fall (no pun intended) is that it comes with a 7-day trial for PlayStation Plus that is valid until 2014. I’d like to thank n00bslayer for bringing the early release of games and accessories to my attention! I’ve been a hermit lately and haven’t been up-to-date. Unless you’re getting the Shadow Fall bundle at launch go get your copy now!



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