Ghastly Studios’ New Director

Welcome to November’s Ghastly Studios update.

We have one big announcement this month.  Captain Jiin of GotH’s 1st Division has become an official director within Ghastly Studios. 🙂  As a branch of GotH, Ghastly Studios has been assisting Jiin with various machinima projects for a few months and it is now our pleasure to have him fully come aboard as one of our club’s creative coordinators.  It has been a joy to watch Jiin’s skills evolve, the dialog, editing, special effects, and camera management have seemed to improve with each new project he’s put his hand to.  It is the hope of Ghastly Studios that Jiin continue his progression towards crafting more stimulating skits for us to perform and for all of you to view.  Jiin’s latest Ghastly Studios skit, Japanese High School Mystery Adventure, acted as our official Halloween sketch for the year; if you managed to miss its original post earlier last month then have no fear (yet… mwahaha) here’s your second chance, just view the embedded video atop this post.

Once again we are glad to have Jiin as our newest director at Ghastly Studios.  He has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, a testament to his atunement with the craft.  Join us next month when we report what other projects we’ve been up to, and a happy belated Halloween.  See you then. 🙂

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