Official Killzone Twitter Feed

Hurrah!  Hurrah!  A new site feature. 😉

As one can see from the dynamic header image above, Guns of the Helghast has managed to embed the Official Killzone Twitter Feed on its website.  An obvious question one may wonder is, “Why embed the tweet feed into a post that will be buried with time?”  Hah, good question.  This post is merely an example to illustrate that we’ve managed to obtain and embed a proper Twitter feed.  While this post will eventually fall off the main page, our Official Killzone Twitter Widget will not.


Located along our right-hand sidebar and just below our Facebook Like-box you will see a similar Twitter feed to the one in this post.  It looks a bit different as we’ve optimized it for sidebar use, but it still links to the Official Killzone Twitter Feed and has become a permanent part of our site.

Expect more Killzone content in the future as we look to expand our coverage, for the greater good. 😉

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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