PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits – Live Launch Event

Witness Sony’s PlayStation 4 Launch Event Live tonight!  PlayStation, in conjunction with SpikeTV, will be airing an official PS4 launch event in New York City at 11:00pm, EST.  Not only will we get to see some of Sony’s super-enthused supporters shopping for their systems, but SpikeTV has promised a few exclusive reveals.  It’s uncertain if all of Spike’s surprises will pertain to unannounced projects or if we’ll also get new trailers to previously announced games.

Only one way to find out for sure, join us here to check it out. 😉

2 responses to “PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits – Live Launch Event

  1. Yay, the livestream is about to begin! 🙂

    Jack Tretton & Andrew House are at the event, cool. 🙂 People have been camping in line since yesterday. Got to love how passionate some gamers can be. 🙂

    First up is Naughty Dog. Premier trailer for “The Last of Us” story-based DLC. World premiere of a new Uncharted for PlayStation 4!

    Sucker Punch is next. A new “InFamous: Second Son” trailer. Release date announced for March 21st.

    MagicLab explains about PS4’s controls and peripherals. PS4 camera has eye-tracking. Huh, a joint project between MagicLab & NASA.

    Bungie’s up. New exclusive trailer of “Destiny.” “Destiny” beta access coming first to PS4. 🙂

    Hideo Kojima’s up. Exclusive PS4 mission for “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes” called “Deja Vu.” Looks like you have to try rescuing the DARPA Chief from MGS1 and the setting looks similar to Outer Haven from MGS1 as well.

    Jack Tretton & Andrew House going to sell the first PS4 at the New York City launch. And they both signed the box, lucky guy. 🙂

    Good event overall. I would’ve liked to see more exclusive games and what happened to that returning classic franchise announcement? Yoshida might be asked about that on Twitter. If I was there I’d be mad excited to get my new system too, but with all those legendary gaming luminaries there I’d definitely hang around for the party, that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 🙂

    I hope to read more epicness in the near future from PlayStation, “Greatness… is here.” 😉

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