Edo mononoke hunting Part 3

Well fair citizens of Edo. It seems the hardships never stop in this small town. Not only have you been beset by a treacherous giant caterpillar. But, also there’s rumors of a door that leads to the underworld. And many that go through the door are never seen again. Well, never fear. I shall get to the bottom of this mystery and restore peace to this great city.

First off, You need to talk to the suspicious looking old man in the left corner behind posts.

He will give you a tray to put the broken tablet pieces you get from beating the game. Do this five times to collect all the broken pieces and you’ll get a nifty sword. You can use in the game.


To combat the new dangers Granzella has come out with a new costume and weapons set. The plate armor and lancer class weapons. It comes in 3 different colors for men and women. As you see here. The shield Pretty much covers your whole body. As long as you’re blocking you can’t get hurt.


So, let’s get into the game play. The weapon has 34 attack and a charge attack. Also the counter helps a lot when done correctly. When the minions attack wait til they attack the first time then hit the counter. The armor has 35 defense. So, if you want stronger armor and you already have the samurai armor use that instead. But, it’s not necessary.

Now as with the other events they’ve taken out the normal enemies. And replaced them with the giant centipede. And 11 scorpions with flaming skulls for heads. And watch out for the purple flames. As they will set you on fire causing fire damage.


Now, the easiest way to go about this is. When you first spawn run towards the giant centipede. Get sucked in and start attacking the weak spot. Til he sprays you with gas. then guard then when he stops keep attacking. He’ll run through you and die a few seconds later. Then run to the exit. But, if you want to kill everything. Go ahead and kill everything else before attacking the boss. The scorpions take 6 shots and the boss takes 10 hits. He will also release little flame minions. But, all you need to do is block til they explode. Then attack the lit up areas.

Well, good luck. I hope this helps and make sure to check out the next part of the article covering the races.

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