KZ: Shadow Fall Devs Respond to Top 15 Feedback Suggestions

Posted today on Killzone’s official website is a response by Shadow Fall’s developers to its fans’ top 15 feedback suggestions.

“Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)” launched in the U.S. on November 15th of this year to generally good reviews.  No game is perfect, however, and fans made sure those responsible for the latest installment in the Killzone franchise knew full well their grievances.  Guerrilla Games, the developers behind “Shadow Fall,” held a Q&A session last week via their official Killzone Twitch.TV channel in regards to what fans of PlayStation’s flagship FPS would like to see implemented in future.

Today, December 4th, Guerrilla Games posted more elaborate feedback on their website in relation to last week’s session.  Below is a brief list of their categorized responses:

  • Currently Live
    • Official Classic 24 Player Warzone
  • Coming Soon
    • Ammo Supply Boxes Showing on Mini-Map
    • Sniper-Friendly Map
  • In Design / Development
    • Ability to Identify Party Members
    • Clan System
    • In-Game Voice Chat
    • Ranking System
  • Under Consideration / Investigation
    • Hip-Firing
    • In-Game Party System
    • Overpowered Drones
    • Player Scorecard Split into Teams
  • Not At The Moment / Yet
    • Co-Op Mode to have Playable Helghast
    • Customized Multiplayer Announcements
    • Display K/D Ratio for Everyone
    • Killzone 2 – Style Proximity Chat

For more in-depth information on any or all of these items please visit the official response page: Player Voice Update: Response to the Top 15 Feedback Items.

So what do you think?  Are these the changes you’re most looking forward to or is there something else you’d like to see?

One response to “KZ: Shadow Fall Devs Respond to Top 15 Feedback Suggestions

  1. For all Killzone fans this game is a keeper it’s a new look and on the PS4 controller it looks like it was made for shooters. I don’t want to talk about the story no spoiler’s players have to play it to enjoy. I am happy I got this game with my PlayStation 4 it’s my first PS4 game. Hermen and the people of GUERRILLA GAMES did a great job with KILLZONE SHADOW FALL gameplay looks so real and having KILLZONE SHADOW FALL as a gamenight for GUNS OF THE HELGHAST sound super great. 😀

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