3 Sony Exclusives That Should Hit The Big Screen


When it comes to games only available on Sony consoles these are the 3 that deserve the Hollywood treatment. Lights, Camera, Adaption!

The Killzone Franchise 

The Killzone franchise is something that could easily be adapted to the big screen. The entire premise of the series is something that any hollywood director would dream of directing. A story of an oppressed people known as the Helghast fight back against a seemingly self entitled race of humans that fight under the banner of a group called the ISA. There are undertones of oppression, political unjust, and a sense of not knowing who the true villain is in the Killzone franchise.

Dream Director: James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder.

Killzone 2



The first Infamous game is a game that is filled with action, character development and intense moments of human vulnerability. As a regular guy who acquire electrical powers accidentally, the possibility of making this into a film is not that far fetched. I think Infamous is a game that could be taken into a dark space. The main protagonist Cole is a man with 2 sides. Like most men, he has times where choices affect his future. This is something I believe many directors could play with a lot, the balance between “Good” Cole and “Evil” Cole.

Dream Director: Christopher Nolan, Matthew Vaughn, Alan Taylor



Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain. This game is a cinematic masterpiece. The  story is better (in my opinion) than half the convoluted Hollywood movie bull**** out there today. Heavy Rain is a drama filled thriller about a man who lost his son and he is aching inside knowing that he is in the clutches of the feared Oragami Killer. A cop, a father, a woman and a retired detective are intertwined in a suspenseful tale of how far people are willing to go to do what is right.

Dream Director: David Fincher, Nicholas Winding Refn, Denis Villeneuve.


One response to “3 Sony Exclusives That Should Hit The Big Screen

  1. Hmm.

    I’d like to see a Killzone movie but I don’t know if any director could really do the series justice. Maybe Killzone would make a better anime or CG movie than anything live-action.

    InFamous is fun but I think it’d make a better comic book series than movie. Maybe hand it over to Darkhorse to see how they further flesh out the story and characters.

    Heavy Rain might be the closest of the three to make a good transition into a live-action performance. Still, I think this game might be better served a short run as a TV series on the Sci-Fi Channel or perhaps a PSN – exclusive show.

    I think the biggest Sony franchise that stands at making it big as a AAA movie blockbuster is Uncharted. Its sense of adventure, exotic locales, cast of memorable characters, and great action sequences make this a shoe-in for a Summer release.

    Good article, I enjoy your insight. 🙂

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