Sly Cooper Movie Announced + Thoughts


Sly Cooper movie coming 2016.

Thoughts: When I initially saw this trailer I had a nerdgasm. I am a huge fan of the Sly Cooper series and I found out they were adapting it into a movie only two words came to mind, about time. Although the design of Murray, Sly and Bentley are different from the game designs I think it’s a welcomed change. The voice acting seems to be accurate. I’m not sure if they used the game voice actors but I like the dialogue they have with each other. The one thing I always liked about the Sly Cooper franchise is the fact that the 3 bounced off each other so well. The jokes and the awkward moments shared between the three  thieves is something the game relished.

As you can see from the trailer Bentley and Sly are trying to beat closing time at a donut shop to feed Murray before he passes “dies of hunger”. That right there is exactly what the Sly franchise is about; that one scenario proves to me that Blockade Entertainment knows what the essence of Sly Cooper is, fun.  The animation looks smooth and very much accurate to the actual movements of the game. I’m looking forward to this in 2016, I am satisfied with what I’ve seen so far.  Nothing has been said on what the story is going to be about but we will report on it the moment it drops. So what did you think of the trailer? Did you like it, love it, hate it? Let me know below.

3 responses to “Sly Cooper Movie Announced + Thoughts

  1. I like the look of the trailer but I never got into the Sly series. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly looks fun and I enjoyed a PS2 demo I played long ago, but without actually playing the games I just don’t have a deeper connection with the series.

    That will likely change in future, however, as the entire Sly series is on my eventual playlist. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the movie that much more afterwards. I also bet there are a few young kids out there where this movie will be their first Sly experience, so this could get them interested in the franchise, hopefully.

    As of now I’ll wait for your movie review, sir, and likely watch or not depending on what you say.

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