Killzone Shadow Fall DLC Map Pack #1


Guerrilla Games announces their FREE DLC for KZ: SF

Guerrilla announced back in January that Shadow Fall would be receiving 2 new maps will be making their way to Shadow Fall very soon. The 2 new maps are “The Cruiser” and “The Hangar”. The Cruiser is a decommissioned ISA cruiser much like the one you play with 0 gravity in while in story mode and the hangar is a Helghast mining level much like the one in Killzone 3.  Check out the scans below and leave a comment in the comment section.


The Cruiser, in which Guerrilla describes as “a close-to-mid range combat map set in the confines of a decommissioned ISA cruiser.



The Hangar, which Guerrilla describes as “a wide-open map situated in the hangar bay of one of the Helghan’s humongous mining spires.”

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