NEW: GotH Anime Night Facebook Page

guns-of-the-helghast-anime-nightSupport GotH Anime Night? Like Us On Facebook HERE

As you know by our schedule, Guns of the Helghast holds an event called anime night. In that we discuss our favorite anime and various topics relating to anime. So due to our overwhelming amount of support we have created a Facebook page dedicated to the event. Highlights from the events will be posted on there including much more information on special event times and even monthly anime recommendations/OST recommendations. Please LIKE US HEREĀ and we appreciate the support

One response to “NEW: GotH Anime Night Facebook Page

  1. Anime Night certainly is one of our most popular activities, and for good reason. Being able to share your passion with other like-minded individuals is always fun. They may offer unique viewpoints on favorite franchises or introduce you to cool new series. Building off that last point, Anime Night is an excellent opportunity for those new to Japanese animation to ask questions, get recommendations, and find out from whence this devotion derives by speaking with their more knowledgeable peers.

    A thanks goes out to the host & co-host of this event for putting together such interesting discussions. šŸ™‚

    Well done on the Facebook page; I like the clean layout and the large images are eye-catching. šŸ™‚

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