New PS Vita Model/Bundles Announced


The PS Vita Slim has been announced for a Spring 2014 release. Find out what makes this model different from the original.


Sony has announced that PS Vita Slim will be making it’s way to America in the spring. Priced at $199.99 the handheld will see a drop in graphics display and a rise in battery power by an average of 2 extra hours. Also, there was also a Borderlands 2 bundle announced, which includes Borderlands 2 with 6 DLC map packs, and an 8GB PS Vita memory card.  All for $199.99. 


For More Info on the new Vita model. Check out the announcement video below.

One response to “New PS Vita Model/Bundles Announced

  1. Great bundle. “Borderlands 2” can probably keep most gamers busy for a good length of time. The 8gb memory card, longer battery life, and $200 price point is a steal. Everyone fence-sitting on getting a Vita might want to scoop this up.

    Personally I prefer the original model Vita due to its OLED screen. I’ve seen the two units side-by-side and the difference in image quality is definitely noticeable. If you game with your Vita plugged in or near a power outlet than battery life isn’t an issue, but you can never get better graphics out of the new Vita compared with the original.

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