The Evil Within Coming August 26th


The long awaited survival horror gets a release date in the US.

The highly anticipated survival horror game, The Evil Within, will be making it’s way state side August 26th. The celebrated creator of the new IP, Shinji Mikam, creator of the Resident Evil franchise, says The Evil Within will be a true return to the feeling that Resident Evil 1 gave fans of the survival horror genre.  A feeling many will welcome back with open arms. So let us know if you’re excited for The Evil Within in the comments below!

For more information on the game check out the trailer below and click the link here.

2 responses to “The Evil Within Coming August 26th

  1. Every trailer I see and every scrap of news I read about this game just gets me more excited. Shinji Mikami looks set to bring survival horror back to the masses this gen. I wish Mr. Mikami success in his effort, this will be a game I purchase.

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