Top 10 Best Games Of Last Generation


Wii. Playstation 3. Xbox 360.  Here are the games that defined my gaming experience for the last generation.



Super Mario Galaxy  2was the game that revitalized my love for Mario. Exclusively on the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy was hands down just the must own game for every Nintendo fan. I remember when I got this game; I popped it in my Wii and immediately fell in love with the lush colors, the bright and fun gameplay accompanied with some the greatest musical compositions Nintendo has made in the last 10 years. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will undoubtedly go down as a classic game from this generation.



Many people have praised this game as a cinematic masterpiece, an immersive gaming experience, an emotional rollercoaster, an interactive movie and much more. And they all would be correct. Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive that I believe will go down as a cult classic. Quantic Dream swept me off my feet with their use of suspense, real-time gameplay and impeccable voice acting. With 4 indivudal endings available to play through, Heavy Rain is a perfect storm of drama and dread.  A truly immaculate gaming experience.



 “Requiescat In Pace”, words that will stick with me forever. Assassins Creed II took the gaming world by surprise. Assassins Creed I was a game that underwhelmed and many people forgot about the franchise shortly after it’s release. But man did Ubisoft come back with a vengeance. If you have not played ACII you are missing out. Plain and simple. This game was so much fun and the main character Ezio is one of the most iconic characters of gaming ever. Just thinking about the historical aspect of the story for ACII is what makes this game so amazing to me. Ubisoft  caught lightning in a bottle and my biggest fear is that they will never be able to top this game. And so far, they haven’t.



Zombies. Co-Op. Guns. What else do you need?! Left 4 Dead 2 is a triumph. Valve released this game literally a year after the first one came out, and I was so happy that L4D2 was better than L4D in every way. The cast of characters was so much more interesting than part one. The melee weapons, the guns, the spitters, the chargers are the things that make L4D2 a one a kind first person zombie shooter. Hours and hours of zombie-killing fun.



Has there ever been a game that sparks more creativity? I think not! LittleBIG Planet 2 is a game that brings out that inner child in everybody. Never have I played a game that puts smiles on the faces of even the most serious of people.  Media Molecule, you tapped into an emotion that many people need in there life, happiness. Thank you for the memories.



GOD OF WAR III. If you have not played this game you don’t love yourself. The boss battles in this game! I promise you, you have not played a game with better boss battles. Santa Monica hit a home run with GOW3. Just a pure victory of a game. I’m going to sum up the awesomeness of this game in one sentence. You PUNCH somebody until your screen turns RED.



Another game that took me by surprise. Batman Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum had 1 thing going for it. It was a batman game full of his iconic villains. In retrospect, that’s all I needed for this game to sell me. The combat system was innovative and just the nostalgia of hearing Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy doing the voice acting made this game of my favorites of last generation. Not to mention, the Joker DLC that came exclusively to the PS3 was another reason this game was amazing. Any fan of Batman needs to have played this.



Judging by our site title I know some of you might be wondering why this isn’t #1. Truth be told there were 2 games better than KZ2 but that still does not take away from the fact that KZ2 is one of my favorite FPS games ever. Guerrilla Games gave the Playstation 3 life with this title. This game will always remind me of summer 2009. The sun was out, school was out and I went to best buy and picked up this gem of a exclusive title. The campaign was filled to the brim with gritty moments and the multiplayer is the definition of hardcore gaming. The definitive Playstation FPS.



Much like Assassins Creed, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was a title that went under the radar. However, when Uncharted 2: Among Thieves dropped? It was game over for every developer that year. Over 15 perfect scores left and right, Spike Game of the Year Award, endless praise ensued when this game dropped. The single player? Amazing. The multiplayer? The most innovative online mode I ever played on a Sony title. This game will go down in history and I am so proud to have been apart of it. Naughty Dog forever.



Hide Kojima is an undeniable genius. Metal Gear Solid IV was the game that made people realize the PS3 had the ability to make incredible games on a grand scale. The longest cut scene is over half an hour for pete sake! What other game can I name has a greater story and a more epic conclusion than MGS IV? I honestly can’t think of one game that has ever made me tear up and feel so emotionally connected to characters like MGS4 did. That is why Metal Gear Solid 4 is my #1 pick for the greatest games of last generation.  I highly recommend this game. Perfect all the way around in every single aspect.

2 responses to “Top 10 Best Games Of Last Generation

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  2. Good list and I can understand your picks as all of those games received high ratings.

    My list is still changing as there are plenty of games from last gen I want to play but here’s my current list.

    My personal list would be:
    01) Killzone 3
    02) Folklore
    03) Gran Turismo 5
    04) Little Big Planet
    05) Journey
    06) Heavenly Sword
    07) Remember Me
    08) BioShock
    09) Mirror’s Edge
    10) Papo & Yo

    If PlayStation HOME counts as a game though, it’d be my #1.

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