(Game Review) Killzone: Shadowfall


Killzone: Shadowfall is one of the first games to have been released on the PS4 this past November. With little to no launch titles available for PS4, is Killzone: Shadowfall going to keep you occupied until Sony rolls out the big guns?

Story: Killzone Shadowfall’s story starts many years after the story of Killzone 3. The Helghast and the VSA (formerly ISA) are seperated by a wall to keep the Helghast from invading. So basically we have a Berlin wall situation going on between these 2 factions.  Executions are being handed out and tension between the VSA and Helghast are at an all time high. Now right there I bet you’re intrigued, and so was I, the premise sounded so gritty and epic when I first popped in the game. So how does this story weigh in compared to all the other Killzone stories? In all honesty, not so well. As a matter of fact, the story for Killzone: Shadowfall is one of the most boring campaigns I have ever played on a Playstation console. This story lacks depth, execution and is over all the epitome or lackluster. The main character Lucas Kellan is so uninteresting to the point I actually wanted him to die just so I could switch to a different protagonist. He’s  a crabon copy of every FPS character I know; He thinks he can do every thing by himself, he doesn’t talk much and has this sense of entitlement that I find incredibly annoying. I basically just described Batman, but atleast Batman has a great story behind it. As harsh as it sounds I will say this; the game is gorgeous to look at but when it comes to the story line it is just weak. I wanted to love this campaign just as much as the previous 2 Killzone games but all in all the biggest flaws of the game is the plot. There truly is little to no plot in this game. It is so poorly written I feel as though the writers were trying to parody the FPS genre by including slow motion explosions, bland characters and an enemies that all look the same. The story for Shadowfall had so much going for it too. The first 2 minutes of the game was really cool playing as a young Lucas but after that, it was all down hilll.  I admit boring does not mean bad and there are certain aspects of it I think are enjoyable but in the end it is still a huge let down that I deem it skippable.killzone-shadow-fall

Multiplayer: The Mutiplayer is the bread and butter of Shadowfall.  There is a variety of modes to pick from like the classic Warzones to the newly renamed 24 Player Team Deathmatch.  However I have to confess, even the multiplayer I find it to be repetitive and utterly bland. Killzone used to have a formula of how it is supposed to be played but I sensed too much of a Call of Duty and Halo influence in the multiplayer. A KZ online experience laced with energy shields, ACOGs and laser sights is simply not Killzone. This multiplayer is not bad though. I can enjoy playing this for about 2 rounds but will you catch anyone on a marathon of Shadowfall online? Most likely not. But for what it is (a multiplayer geared towards the casuals) it’s passable. The staying power of this online is meager and the online is filled with obvious gimmicks to pull in those casual Mountain Dew drinking Dorito chomping gamers. Fans of the Killzone series will be disappointed most likey but like I stated, if you hated KZ2 and KZ3 for being too “hard” to play, this one should hit the spot.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Shadowfall feels looser than any Killzone game before it. This is something I have 0 issue with. I like the controls very much and the movements of character models are fluid. Guerrilla Games has implemented a new layout for button controls different from what they’re used to. I welcome these changes with open arms.

The Sound: The sound of Killzone Shadowfall in short is just as amazing as any other Killzone game. The score is incredible along with pristine voice acting from mainly everybody but the main character.

Final Thoughts: This game dropped the ball. It doesn’t execute what it is trying to do. The story is lackluster and convoluted with a linear story and almost satirical dialogue, the online is a cocktail of Killzone, Call of Duty and Halo and the graphics are amazing. In essence, Killzone: Shadowfall is a beautiful woman with the personality of a cardboard box. Taking into account story, online, gameplay and sound I award Killzone: Shadowfall a 6.0/10

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4 responses to “(Game Review) Killzone: Shadowfall

  1. That’s too bad, I was really looking forward to a great next-gen Killzone experience. I got to play KZ:SF as the young protagonist and from what I saw the game looks gorgeous, as you backed-up in your review, it’s just a shame the story didn’t follow through.

    I was a HUGE fan of KZ3, still am, but I guess I’ll have to wait till its next PS4 installment (hopefully) to play the KZ game we’ve all been waiting for since 3. Maybe “Mercenary” will tide us over till then.

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  3. Trunz I agree with you on one thing story needed work but you make it sound like it’s a bad game. But on the other hand it’s not the best Killzone game do to story. Killzone 2 story hand down from what I hear got a great review and for me was the best story.

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