Killzone Shadowfall: A second opinion. (Now, with improved spoiler guard)

Hello and welcome to my review of Killzone Shadowfall. Like the title says I offer an alternative review of the game. If you haven’t read the review by Trumpettrunz. You can read it here.  Now, let’s get started.

First off Killzone Shadowfall is the first in the series of next gen games by Guerrilla Games. Which in my opinion, they did great job. The graphics look amazing. This is what I truly expect out of the PlayStation 4.  The people look pretty realistic. The background looks like I could actually fly to the edge of the city and beyond. I really felt like I was watching a movie on par with FF7 Advent Children on Blu ray. The forest level feels like I could hide in the bushes and not be seen. The water in the riverbed actually reacts realistically to someone to someone running through it.

The rest of the effects are done with precise detail as well. There are no large amounts of blood spurting from the enemy when you shoot them. The brutal melees are done with realistic precision. And the sounds are the best I’ve heard so far.

The game play is a bit different from previous titles. Largely because of the revamped Dual shock 4 controller. While it is different and takes a little getting used to. It’s definitely not cumbersome. And  lends itself well to game play. Also, the levels are a little more open in terms of space. Which adds depth to the story. You feel like you’re actually in a city with living breathing people. You can actually hear people conversing. And on some occasions even help people with their problems. in little mini quests.

As, for combat the controls are mostly the same. Aside from using the touchpad to control your OWL. The route you choose to get through combat is highly left up to you though. Which sometimes leads to a higher degree of difficulty. As for how it all ends. Well, it’s the first in the series. So, I can understand why they did what they did. And have no real complaints about it.

Now, for the online portion of the game. I think they’ve done well in the last 5 months with the patches and updates. Most of the bugs have been worked out. They’ve added clan creation and they removed the overly complicated chat options that no one knew existed. Now, on the plus side. I like how they took out the military styled rank system. And replaced it with a challenge based rank system. And I like the OWLS and sentry drones being kept in the game. However, I really only have two issues with the game. The first is having all the weapons unlocked at LEVEL ONE. While I understand the reason they did it. It just opens up the field to every Call of dutyesque kid who just wants to blow everything up. So, they don’t die and risk lowering their precious kill/death ratio. Which makes any warzone match almost unbearable. The second is the ammo crates. I can never seem to find them. They are just too tiny.(I have heard a rumor that they are working to try to solve this though.) Other than that. I really don’t have any complaints huge complaints. One suggestion though. If they gave more points for actually healing your teammates. Or encouraged this more. Then, maybe people would actually use the medic class for what it was intended for. Instead of just watching over your dead corpse.  Making sure no one defiles it, like it was in a end of match cut scene. Like most people seem to do.

Now, some people complain that it is easier than Killzone 2&3. I have to disagree. Killzone 2, I hated it online. I could barely get up and shoot someone before I was back on the ground bleeding out. Killzone 3 was quite a bit easier online. If you don’t believe me. Pop in KZ4 and try to kill someone. Then switch to KZ3 and do the same. It is immensely easier to kill someone in KZ3. While it takes quite a bit more time to actually shoot someone in Kz4. Also, 3 is just easier online difficulty wise.

All in all is it perfect? No. But, is it a solid game worthy of being a launch title? I think so. If you don’t like it. You can always go play Call of Duty. Or wait til next week for Infamous Second Son to come out.

4 responses to “Killzone Shadowfall: A second opinion. (Now, with improved spoiler guard)

  1. Nice to read another take.

    Still looking forward to playing this game and I do intend to buy it as I’m a fan of the franchise. Still looking forward to playing it, though I’m keeping expectations reasonable.

  2. Well jiin your right about the online on Killzone Shadow Fall I like the online but the only thing I don’t like are some maps people pick they would pick the camping maps to camp but on the other hand the online good to play with your friends

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