Final Fantasy XIV Comes to PS4

Hello and welcome back. It is I Tim the Asian. A few days ago Final Fantasy 14 for the PS4 came out. So, let’s get right down to it. On April 14th 2014 Final Fantasy XIV was released for the PlayStation 4. Along with some upgrades to graphics and a few other things. One of those things being the amount of Hotbars. Now they’re only 2 instead of 3. Which suits me just fine. The other is using the touch pad to cycle through the menu choices like the chat box, the map or the active mission roster. Speaking of upgrades, You can upgrade your current PS3 version of FFXIV to the PS4 for free and all of your data will transfer over. But, you will no longer be able to play on the PS3.

Now for those of you who don’t know there are several races that reside in Eorzea.

Be it Elezen, a tall slender race similar to the elves.


Hyur, who are akin to humans.



Lalafell, the tiny dwarfish people of the land.


Miqo’te, if you’re partial to the feline persuasion.

And last but not least the Brutish Roegadyn, the tanks of the land.

Although in the upcoming patches for FFXIV. It’s been said that we will be getting a playable Viera race. So, there’s no shortage of races from which to choose.

Now how you go about earning gil and leveling up is completely up to you. You can choose to slay Cactuar and Giant tortoise alike with sword, bow or magic.  Play defensive and heal your comrades or charge fists first into the fray with reckless abandon. If the latter is the case. You might want to think about taking a good healer with you. Or if you find that the life of a pacifist suits you better. You can always mine for precious minerals or gather ingredients from across the land. Or maybe you fancy yourself a smithy or a botanist. How about spending your days lazing away fishing? What’s that? You say you don’t want to be a law abiding citizen? Well, you’re in luck friend. Soon you’ll be able to steal from the rich and give to…yourself. It really is up to you how you want to play. And play you will. With over 2 million people playing the game and so many quests to go on. You’re bound to find someone with similar interests.

So, get out there and play. Make some new friends, some rivals and maybe even a few enemies. Build up an army of like minded individuals and take on your foes head to head in the PVP arena.

You’ll feel better about life once you’ve beaten your enemies into submission proving that you are right and they are dead. Then why not shoot for the top. After all what’s the point in being the best. Unless everyone knows it? Prove that you’re not just some pit dog scrounging for scraps. Instead you are the elite. And everyone should be bringing you food.

If this article hasn’t convinced you to go out and buy this game. Then, you are lost to the concept of fun. There is no hope for you. Go spend you’re money elsewhere. Like WoW, and spend your days looking at tiny 8 bit characters.

But, if you’re ready for an upgrade in beautifully rendered landscapes and fully customizable characters in full 1080p.  Then this game is for you.

Well, that’s the end of that. If you for some reason you need more information. Like say monthly subscription fees($15.) Then head on over to the official FFXIV website at The Lodestone.

As for me I’m out. Till next time. This is Tim the Asian signing off. =op

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