CN:Zebra Reports! Knytt Underground for the PS3

Hey everyone I recently purchased Knytt Underground for the
ps3 and I must say I’m loving it. For only $9.99 (Thank you
Hyde) you get your money’s worth. Before I purchased it I
had it saved to my wishlist on account
and I noticed a negative comment on it. It basically said
that the controls are horrible in this game. I respectfully
disagree. Nifflas has improved dramatically on the controls
since his previous games and I found that using a ps3
controller made the experience a lot smoother than the pc
counterpart. One thing that keeps me playing even though
some parts of the game could be considered tedious,
repetitive and overall rage-inducing when it comes to
problem solving is its’ atmosphere and soundtracks. It’s
almost like Nifflas is thinking “Yeah I know this part is a
pain in the butt, here is some soothing music and pretty
pictures to help keep your zen.” A few times I found myself
quitting during a puzzle not because I was angry but because
I was so mellowed I needed to catch some sleep before
continuing. I also like just putting down my controller and
go do something else while the game is left un-paused just to
fill my living area with beautiful, moody music and luscious
colors. You might also have a feeling of deja vu in certain
areas of the game. That is because Nifflas included classic
Knytt Stories and his other titles in parts of the game.
Speaking of deja vu, the parts where it is so dark, Mi is
just a little light on screen while the surroundings are
grey and black. I shut off the lights in my room and
realized, “Oh I see what they did here.” I am reminded of
Limbo. That’s funny because I was considering buying Limbo
at the same time as I was thinking about Knytt Underground.
I chosen Knytt Underground over the mere fact that I’ve been
waiting far too long to try this baby on the big screen.
Limbo you’ll have to wait in line just like the rest of them
my dear. Also, akin to Limbo there is a new indie game in
development that shows much promise is BlacktheFall. When
you get the chance please check it out at
and favorite their facebook page to get updates on its
development. What else can I say about Knytt Underground? A
tiny universe literally massively expanded. If you all
noticed that in the demo there were places I couldn’t reach
at the same time I was there? Well don’t worry because
you’ll get to see the other side of things and all in
between after you’ve completed Chapters 1-2. Along with this
massive, elaborate, explorative world comes quests-a-plenty.
So there is plenty to do besides sightseeing. A word of
caution, if you’re a completionist and a bit OCD you might
not want to check out this game. You’ll spend hours upon
hours trying to find every nook and cranny and will go days
without adequate sleep and nutrition. One thing that I found
very odd about this game is it’s rating. Mature 17+ with
sexual themes and strong language. I have played this game
and all the sexual themes and strong language is in the
dialogue. It’s actually not as bad as you think. It’s more
aimed for adult humor more than offensive or cruel in case
you were wondering. Another problem that I found reading
forums about this game is people just not getting the
concept behind puzzler platformer. The majority of the time
I see “This is a platformer, I don’t get it. *turns it off.”
I guess some modern gamers are relatively new to this indie
concept but in the indie community it’s as old as dirt. Ibb
and Obb for example is the only indie puzzler platformer
game to my knowledge to have been advertised on Playstation
Home. Before you guys tell me “Hey Journey gets a lot of
attention! Flower too!” I am well aware Sony did their part
to show off these beauties. I just meant puzzler platform
indie games are still floating below the radar in the
vastness of the gaming sea. So when you guys get a chance
please check out the games I mentioned and see for yourself
how beautiful and rare obscure indie games are. Till next
time! >^o^</

2 responses to “CN:Zebra Reports! Knytt Underground for the PS3

  1. Great review.

    Always good to read the controls are tight in a platformer, that’s important. While I am a bit OCD-ish as a completionist, I think I’ll still be giving this game a shot eventually. I enjoyed watching you play through the demo on your ‘Let’s Play’ and your positive review has finalized my decision. The ‘M’ rating is unexpected though I don’t have a problem with it, especially if it’s just adult humor like you pointed out. I remember enjoying the music and the visuals as well from your playthrough. Shame some recent gamers might think less of “Knytt Underground” because they’re unaware of its sub-genre, but hopefully with more game experience they’ll become cured of their ignorance.

    For $10 I’ll definitely be picking this up, thanks. 🙂

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