Ghastly Media: Podcast Episode 1


Hello and welcome to the debut episode of the Ghastly Media: Podcast!

That’s right, Guns of the Helghast have expanded into the outlet of podcasting.  All one need know is explained in the intro to our show, but I’ll touch on it a bit here as well.  In our first show we explain what to expect from the podcast crew (Carlos ‘Orpheo’ Ortiz, Tim the Asian / Jiin, Gabriel / Sons, Gamer, & Trunz) going forward, who we are, and then jump straight into our E3 predictions.  We had fun recording this and hope you enjoy listening to what will be the first of many shows to come.

Guns of the Helghast is a very constructive group and we enjoy staying busy.  We hold multiple events within PlayStation HOME, host various game nights, upload machinimas and gameplay clips to our YouTube channels, and post news, reviews, lets plays, and editorials on our blog.  To that end, we see this podcast as yet another outlet for our creativity and passion.

Guns of the Helghast is also a very social group that likes keeping in contact with our fans.  We continue to steadily grow our ranks within the PlayStation HOME community, take feedback on our YouTube channels, share our thoughts on FaceBook, and stay in-touch with all our friends and more via our Twitter page.  This podcast gives us one more way to communicate with the world.  Have questions, comments, and / or suggestions?  Please let us know in the comments below, on YouTube, or our social media channels and maybe we’ll mention them on the next show.

We’ll talk to you all again once E3 is over, stay tuned… 😉

4 responses to “Ghastly Media: Podcast Episode 1

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  3. The podcast is a good way to know about what can we see on E3 . also gamer_316 trunz jiin_kun Gabriel Lord_Orpheo did a good job talking about information on gaming. to get more information just play the podcast on our Facebook Page also .

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