A PlayStation HOME Petition

Support PlayStation HOME

Guns of the Helghast here, reporting on an issue that has been on all our minds.

Ever since Sony first spoke of its PlayStation 4 last year, many PlayStation HOME fans have been wondering if their favorite Sony-created social experience would find its way to the new platform.  With Sony silent on the future of PlayStation HOME and a possible port up to PS4 seemingly nowhere in the cards, a group of passionate PlayStation HOME fans have taken it upon themselves to create a petition asking Andrew House, President & Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, to bring PS4 HOME.

I sincerely hope this petition gets more support (136 signatures at the moment, including my own) and that Sony sees this.  Regardless of whether it makes a difference, it is important to let developers and publishers know your thoughts and concerns, to raise awareness and rally others to a common cause.  We may fail in our pursuit of pushing PlayStation into a port, but if we do fail, at least we can say that we tried.

If you wish to try, please head over to their petition site by clicking here.

Also note that after signing the petition you’ll be asked if you want to donate money to help spread the word.  I opted instead to stick with word-of-mouth, hence the blog post, but to each their own if you feel so inclined.

3 responses to “A PlayStation HOME Petition

  1. Thanks Orpheo. That really kaught my attention on PlayStation Home being on the PlayStation 4. I really want the PlayStation 4 to have PlayStation Home as well.


  2. I have been a huge fan of PlayStation Home ever since I got the PlayStation 3. It has been like a home to me, because I have been on it everyday to socialize with my friends, and also, club members. I really would like PlayStation Home to be on PlayStation 4. I love PlayStation Home, and I look forward to have PlayStation Home on PlayStation 4.

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