Guns of the Helghast 5 – Year Anniversary, Please RSVP

From Left to Right: Slayer, Ember, Gamer, Jiin

From Left to Right: Slayer, Ember, Gamer, Jiin

Greetings from Guns of the Helghast and welcome to what will be our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We here at Guns of the Helghast are fast approaching our five – year anniversary.  Much has happened since our beginning as a Killzone 2 clan: we’ve planted roots in the form of a successful PlayStation HOME club, created other online gaming clans for Killzone 3Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Grand Theft Auto V, established Facebook pages for our main group and anime branch, filmed multiple lets plays & award-winning machinimas, founded this blog and our Twitter channel, been recognized by prominent PlayStation developers like LOOT & Guerrilla Games, recorded our first podcast, had four members admitted to PlayStation’s MVP Program, and attended E3 twice in a row now.  My how time flies when you’re having fun and being productive. 🙂

To celebrate our members and their great accomplishments, Guns of the Helghast will be hosting our 5th Year Anniversary celebration!  If you’d  like to attend the rules are simple, requirements are:

  • RSVP Here on the Blog in this post’s comment section. – Please note that space is limited to 31 additional participants as our festivities will be held in our PlayStation HOME community clubhouse.  While Guns of the Helghast community members are given priority, obviously, please RSVP regardless so we can have an idea of how many spots remain available for others who wish to attend.
  • Formal Wear for a Formal Occasion. – As demonstrated in the header image above, proper attire for our party is a must.  Gents are to dress in a black suit & tie while ladies have the option of black, red, or white for their evening gowns.  All Helghast are expected to keep their helms equipped, a fancy shindig is no excuse to risk lung burn; for non-Helghast a breathing apparatus is optional.  Party hats are also optional for all.
  • A Positive Attitude to Foster a Positive Atmosphere. – Please leave all drama without the walls of this event.  This is to be a happy occasion and any disturbance in the force will lead to a forceful ejection from our joyous jubilation.  This final point is very serious so please adhere to it, ‘lest ye wish for a swift ‘re-education‘.

We hope to see you at our celebration come July 25th, please RSVP below.

5 responses to “Guns of the Helghast 5 – Year Anniversary, Please RSVP

  1. I am happy being in Guns of the Helghast for 5 years the anniversary photo looks good Carlos. 😀

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