Gaming Review Rubric of Orpheo

Greetings fellow members of GotH and extended community, t’is I, Orpheo here, to present my gaming review rubric.

One may wonder why I should display this rubric at all.  The answer is two-fold, credibility and understanding.

Credibility is the believability of a review or reviewer.  I do not want others to think of me as a mere pusher of opinion but as a mediator of medium with the masses.  Therefore, I’d like to display the template I will be using for all of my upcoming game reviews so no misunderstandings will arise when a score is affixed to a game.  Before we get that far there’s something I’d like to point out.

It is my assumption that there are many fair reviewers out there who seek not to mislead but merely inform.  Still, there are other reviewers who grade a game based solely on their fondness for a franchise or their enjoyment of a game’s singular experience while not taking anything else into consideration.  While some may think this okay, I do not.  It is true that all reviews are subjective to the reviewer and all must be taken with a grain of salt, and no doubt some bias does tend to creep its way into the midst of every review, however careful the reviewer.  But it is my goal to remain as impartial a commentator as possible, judging a game based solely upon a definite set of criteria that I will detail below.

It’s taken me quite a bit of thought to come up with this scoring system but that doesn’t mean my template is perfect.  If you see room for tweakage please leave a comment below and I will consider altering the format.


GRAPHICS (24%): Defined as the overall graphical quality of a game.  This category will be further broken down into two parts.
– ARTISTIC (10%): How appealing the graphics look; an opinion on the game’s style.
– TECHNICAL (14%): Takes into account the quality of a game’s graphics: smoothness, screen-tearing, draw distance, ‘jaggies’, etc.

AUDIO (10%): Defined as the overall audio quality of a game.  This category will be further broken down into two parts.
– MUSIC (8%): The quality of a game’s soundtrack.
– SOUND (2%): The quality of game’s sound effects.

GAMEPLAY (40%): Defined as the overall mechanical quality of a game.  This category will be further broken down into two parts.
– FUN (20%): The fun factor of the overall play experience.
– FUNCTION (20%): A game’s functionality.  Does it work as intended?  Are there control hiccups?  Are there glitches?

PURPOSE (26%): Defined as the “Purpose of Play.”  In some games this is a story, in others a simple arcade mode.  This is the driving point behind the motivation of the player.  This category will be further broken down into two parts.
– COHESIVENESS (10%): Is the story plot / arcade mode / single (or co-op) player campaign thorough and make sense?
– INTEREST (16%): Is there sufficient motivation to want to keep playing based on the game’s premise?

Note that the number in parentheses is the percentage attached to each category’s weighted score as not all categories are weighed equally.  The percentage within the parentheses of the sub-categories is the percent breakdown of each main category.

Leave thoughts and suggestions, and expect my first game review soon.

2 responses to “Gaming Review Rubric of Orpheo

  1. Agreed. I intend to beat every game before I review it.

    Offering an opinion on a game is fine, but I would say that opinion wouldn’t be a proper review unless the game first be beaten. Good point.

  2. Well I know one thing to make a good review the best thing to do is beat a game then you can do the judging. Bad reviewers judge a game when they never even try to beat the story or never try playing for hours sadly some reviewers are like that. here’s how I look at it when you beat a game you can talk about it you can say how good was the game what was the game missing that to me is how a good review works.

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