Ghastly Studios Celebrates 5 Years of GotH

From Left to Right: Nikita, OnePiece, Ventura, Champ, Angel, Hyde, Orpheo

From Left to Right: Nikita, OnePiece, Ventura, Champ, Angel, Hyde, Orpheo

Hello fellow members of GotH, Ghastly Studios, & readers.  Tonight, Ghastly Studios celebrated the official five-year anniversary of Guns of the Helghast. 🙂

While it’s true that Guns of the Helghast as a whole celebrated our five-year anniversary last Friday, the actual day of that anniversary is today.  No mislead intended, it is typical for Guns of the Helghast to postpone or role forward all celebration dates to the nearest Friday for convenience sake.  As Ghastly Studios is a branch of Guns of the Helghast and Ghastly Studios’ meeting days are Tuesdays, our host Champ thought it appropriate we honor the day in our own special way.

The night began with everyone in either fancy dress or full fatigues, a contrast to Ghastly Studios’ usual ‘come as you are’ policy.  Members here may wear what they wish when not recording a skit, we feel it caters more to the atmosphere of creativity.  Tonight was different, we donned our suits, gowns, and uniforms in honor of the club that brought us all together, gave us a home, and ignited our passion for performance by creating the Ghastly Studios branch.

Once convened and seated, Champ took to the stage to announce that we’d be giving speeches in turn, sharing fond memories of our time in Ghastly Studios and in Guns of the Helghast.  Despite some cases of shaky nerves we each strode atop the rainbow rug and had our say; it was a touching go-round with appreciation shown by all to all, an activity I’m glad I witnessed and participated in.

After a round of applause for all our words we joined together for the header pic atop this post.  We be a small but dedicated lot who are happy to help with projects and just generally hang together.  Each has their role and we each share multiple responsibilities.  It can assuredly be difficult at times, like trying to produce a skit on a tight schedule, but make no mistake good readers, if we didn’t enjoy what we do then it simply wouldn’t get done.

Finally, we wrapped the night up with a screening of The Blues Brothers.

In the end it’s not the projects we produce or the movies we watch, but the camaraderie we share that makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you for joining us in our merriment tonight, we’ll visit you again with something new soon. 🙂

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