Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition.

So, back in the days of PS2. There were some really great games. Killzone, .hack//, Burnout 3, Final Fantasy. Then there was this game…This game was so horrible that it was awesome. And it spawned a cult following. Which led to similar games like Goat Simulator.

Recently Surgeon Simulator was released for PS4 and PS Vita. The basic idea of the game. Is to perform surgery on your poor vic…-Err, patients. That apparently don’t have enough money to go to a real doctor. So in you go. Trying to perform surgery after a fifth of vodka. While in the game, you awkwardly try to perform surgery using hammers, scalpels and other medical tools.

Trying not to kill everyone that is unfortunate enough to end up on the operating table.

Yours truly, got to download this for free thanks to PlayStation’s MVP program and Bossa Studios. So, I will be streaming the game here at 5 pm. If you would like to check it out. For more info you can go to the website Or you can download the game for $12.99 from the PlayStation Store. Hope to see you there. Until next time. I’m Tim the Asian signing off. =op

2 responses to “Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition.

  1. I will never play this game along with Octodad. OMG soooooo horrible!!! I don’t know anyone who has actually completed those games. The controlls alone are enough to give you ‘roid rage. XD

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