Loot Crate Delivery for Helghan Army General

Hey, director jiin_kun here on this lovely Saturday evening.  I’ve got some news while you wait for the next video from Ghastly Studios. Why not check out this brand new video??? It’s chock full of geeky goodness. And we’ll get the next video out soonish. Since we just finished scene one. You’re going to love it. I promise. Have a good weekend!!!

3 responses to “Loot Crate Delivery for Helghan Army General

  1. Tim wow and Carlos that’s not sackboy it’s just somebody that looks like him.
    Tim with the cool loot gear. 😀

  2. The Guardians of the Galaxy bobble-head, Groot, looks like Sackboy from Little Big Planet fame. 🙂

    Hmm, Sonic air-fresheners; you’ll have to let us know what Sonic smells like, I’m guessing chili dogs. 😉

    What was the bonus digital loot?

    The hero pamphlet looks cool, I’d read it.

    Nice unboxing. 🙂

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