Friday Night Live! – A Trial Event


Greetings fellow members and readers to Guns of the Helghast.  Tonight we’re trying something new, a live streaming event we call “Friday Night Live.”  Click the “Continue reading ->” link below for more details.

Friday Night Live will be a community / live-streaming event.  At 8pm EST a group of us will meet as usual in PlayStation HOME.  Simultaneously another group of us will gather in-game (Killzone Shadow Fall) to indulge in our competitive nature, and those gaming will also be streaming their play session live!

Those of us meeting up in HOME will be following along with the live-stream, commentating.  If you’d like to join us in HOME for a chat and to watch our best gunners sharpen their skills then come on in.  If you want to join us in-game please send the stream’s host, gamer_316 , a PSN message asking for details.

Whether in HOME or in-game, see you somewhere. 😉

To see our stream navigate our menus atop the site:
Videos > Twitch Live Streams > gamer_316 – PlayStation MVP

Or visit the link for our Live-Stream at:

NOTE: The actual time of the live-stream will vary but we will be streaming throughout the entirety of our HOME event.

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