Driveclub PS Nope Edition.

Hey, Tim the Asian here. And today is a big day for Sony… Or at least it was supposed to be. After over a year of waiting Driveclub is slated to come out today. And tomorrow in parts of Europe. So, after much deliberation and research here are my thoughts on the matter.

So, today I woke up at 8 am. Due to not being able to sleep. I got on my PS4 excited to download my FREE version of Driveclub. But, It’s no where to be found. I thought not much of it. Since it was 8 am central time. So, I went back to bed and woke up at 2pm. I got online again. Still no Driveclub. Well, this is strange. Going to the forums and other social media sites. I find that the store usually doesn’t update til later in the day. And after a lot of digging. I found that neither the official Facebook page or the Twitter page has been updated in 2 days!!! Well needless to say. I was shocked and dismayed. After all they have spend quite a lot of time and money promoting the game. So, I tracked down the head guy’s Twitter. And all I found was a link to a PlayStation help site that said we are aware of the server issues. And are working to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy. But, where is my free game that they kept promising??? Lo, and behold the blog was updated a little while later. But, instead of saying sorry for the inconvenience. It says Hey here’s a list of games for October. It doesn’t even list the game as free. Check out the link here if you like.  My first thought is what the hell is going on? Pardon my French. But, a couple days ago. It clearly lists Driveclub as a free game link here. Only, now it lists it as a PS Plus Demo for PS4.

Now, I have no problem paying for the game. I like the game and It looks great. The game is a solid game. And has quite a bit of potential. But, why did you spend the last 2 YEARS saying the game was going to be FREE on Plus. Then when it comes out. Only give an upgrade option for $10 off. When, you can’t even upgrade the game to begin with? It’s things like this that really set me off. And I’m not the only one. If you go to any of the websites that have posted about the game. Be it Twitter, Facebook, the PlayStation Blog or any post about. In the comments section you’ll see page after page of the same thing. Where is the PS Plus Edition of Driveclub? While some of them are nice. Some of them contain so much hate. It’s hard to tell if they are actually seeing straight.

So, my question is, What’s going on Sony? Why haven’t you given us an answer. Even a simple. Sorry for the delay. We are working on it. Or just come out and say you aren’t releasing a free version of the game. A real answer would be better than total media blackout. Which is what’s going on right now. Hopefully, this will be sorted out before the game releases in the Europe tomorrow.

Stay tuned for any updates. This has been Tim the Asian, signing off.

Edit: About 30 minutes ago. This came in. Driveclub

4 responses to “Driveclub PS Nope Edition.

  1. Not yet. They are still working on the server issue. Til they get that fixed. They won’t be releasing the PS+ Edition. Which makes sense. Still I’m not gonna worry about it. Til they say they fixed everything. And have a release date.

  2. Wow so much BS I pay for Plus and so no drive club for free!
    Tim your not the only one mad about this.
    SONY what’s going on I like this game so now it’s a demo I am not worrin about paying for something but when I see something like this it’s really bad.

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