FREEDOM WARS – Game Night & Live-Stream

Guns of the Helghast Freedom Wars Game Night

Your beloved contributions for freedom await every Tuesday & Friday at Guns of the Helghast!

Konnichiwa fellow, Sinners! Just as Freedom Wars’ Natalia would oh-so charmingly phrase; I’d like to inform you, “drains on resources“, I’ve been hosting weekly social community events Tuesdays ( Co-Op ) & Fridays ( PVP ) both at 6:00pm Eastern time for those needing help on team raids or wanting to put their skills to the test against other players in fast pace player vs player combat~ tune into or at 6PM Eastern time to partake these weekly live-streamed multiplayer sessions! ( ‘ v ‘ )7

Event Host:

PSN ID: Sons-of-Helghan (6AXIS)

Live-Stream Channels:

Event Schedule & Duration:

Tuesdays ( Co-Op ) from 6:00pm ET ~ 8:00pm ET

“Freedom Fridays” ( PVP ) from 6:00pm ET ~ 8:00pm ET

Rendezvous Details:

  1. FOLLOW THE HOST: Follow 6AXIS on Twitter, Twitch & Youtube to be notified when these events goes live.
  2. LOCATION: At 6PM ET, tune into the 6AXIS Twitch or Youtube channel and await for the game lobby’s availability to participate on the multiplayer event.
  3. DON’T BE LEFT OUT!: Once the in-game lobby is created, it will be kept public and honored in a first-come-first-serve basis. (Space is limited, so be sure to stay tuned to be on-time!) If you’re late, no worries. We cover a 3 round based wave system for those who missed out on joining the previous wave of players. Once the 3 rounds are up, the lobby will be cleared to create another opportunity for a new wave of players to join next.

I only ask we keep it clean & respectful as we abide by the PlayStation ToS to continue bringing out the best of the PlayStation Network experience.


“Freedom Fridays” Main Event Promo Trailer

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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