Ghastly Studios Invades Craftworld

Ghastly Studios Invade Craftworld

T’is a kooky realm, this is. 😉

Hello again from Ghastly Studios!

It’s been a bit since last we updated but we’re still very much alive and well.  In fact, we’re just about through editing a previous project and hope to have that up for you relatively soon.

Early last week we here at Ghastly Studios were forced from our comfortable surroundings in PlayStation HOME, out into the infinite expanse of the cosmos.  Not everyone made it, but we who survived the terracide set forth in search of a new home.  Those familiar with Helghast lore know we’re no strangers to exploration and colonization.

Surf we did through the starry skies intent to find a unique planet, one that could foster our sense of artistic expression, creativity, and imagination.  Lo’ and behold we found such a place floating in space awash in a mash of silliness.

Hence, WE CLAIM CRAFTWORLD FOR GHASTLY STUDIOS!…  Not that its residents seem to mind our invasion, we even got free cake.

Expect to see more productions from us utilizing the LBP tool set going forward.  Till next time, Ghastly Studios wishes you well.

… And cake’s nice but hopefully we can find some chips. 😉

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