Sack people and Helghast Rejoice!!! LBP3 Game Nights.

Guns of the Helghast LBP3 Game Night Header

Guns of the Helghast has survived the terracide. And invaded Little Big Planet 3. Join us Wednesday night!!!

Hello my fellow sack boys and girls. We from Guns of the Helghast have always had a creative side. And what better way to get our creative juices flowing. Than to play one of the most creative games on the PlayStation 4? Join us in the Imagisphere and be inspired by the community every Wednesday.

Event Host:

PSN ID: thebodyventura

Twitch: venturatwitchtv

Co-Host PSN ID: jiin_kun

Event Schedule & Duration:

8pm ET ~ 9pm ET  Game Night

Rendezvous Details:

  1. ADD THE HOST: Be sure to have either the Host or Co-Host added (listed above) on your PlayStation Network account so you may participate in this Event.
  2. LOCATION: At the scheduled time, we’ll be meeting via the PSN Party Chat named Little Big Planet 3, created by one of the Event Hosts you’ve added. Once you see it’s available, you may join on sight.
  3. DON’T BE LEFT OUT!: Party Chat will be kept public BUT dedicated for the PlayStation community participating in this event. We reserve & dedicate all spaces within the Party Chat to the Game Night’s attendees and will honor in a first-come-first-serve basis. (Space is limited, so be sure to be on-time!)

“Let’s spark together.”

2 responses to “Sack people and Helghast Rejoice!!! LBP3 Game Nights.

  1. Thanks Carlos we hope you can join us when you get you’re PS4 Angel Jiin and my sister it’s great having you all on LBP 3 on board also the best KillZone shadow Fall team of angel and jiin. 😀

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