Ghastly Media: Podcast Episode 6

Welcome to episode six of the Ghastly Media: Podcast.

In episode six of the Ghastly Media Podcast, we welcome our first – ever guest to the show, Slayer, from within our community.  Being our resident expert on everything Metal Gear, we took to asking Slayer his opinion on the news of Hideo Kojima leaving Konami and how this might affect the Metal Gear franchise going forward, in addition to “Silent Hills (multiplat).”

Afterwards, he was good enough to stick around for further topic discussion including: Game Re-Masters, Exclusives This Year, PlayStation 4 Breaking 20 Million Units Sold – Worldwide, PS4 Update 2.5, PS-Vue TV Limited Launch in Chicago, New York, & Philly, PlayStation 4’s Launch in China, and finally Cross – Buy Coming To Select X-Box One and Windows 10 Games.

As you can see we’ve got a full line-up of listening pleasure up ahead.  Hit play, kick back, & enjoy.  Feel compelled to comment on anything we say, leave a comment down below.

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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