Sign Up For Our New Forum!


Hello to all, Guns of the Helghast here inviting you to sign up for our new Forum. 🙂

In order to access our new Forum just click the Forum button atop our blog page; you’ll find it three buttons from the right, between Music and Video.

The purpose of this forum is to further foster a sense of community within the comfortable confines of our clan.  To that end you are welcome to post a bit about yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread*.

* A Note About Introduce Yourself: Please include no personal information pertaining to your real name, address, or phone number.  This is for your own safety.

To stay abreast of all the important changes to our Forum, check the Important Announcements thread whenever you see something new inside.

Feel free to discuss anything pertaining to gaming in the topics of each thread: PlayStation, Nintendo, X-Box, and PC / Mobile.  We also offer a Media section for talk of: Anime / Manga, Books, Movies / TV, and Music.  Care to share your own creations?  At the bottom is a General thread containing sections for: Fan Fiction, Poetry, and Off-Topic Discussion**.

** A Note About Off-Topic Discussion: Please refrain from political and religious debate, it is unlike us to ruffle the feathers of our friends with discourse deemed too sensitive.

A word, please be mindful of your words and respectful of others.  No racism or sexism will be tolerated.  Before posting, and for further information on these issues, please read the Forum Rules within our Forum.

Have you any feedback or suggestions please drop us a line in our Feedback / Suggestions thread.  And if you need any help with our Forum, please request so in our Help thread.

One final and very important piece of information about our Forum.  This forum is intended for all Members of Guns of the Helghast (GotH), Associates of GotH, and Friends of GotH – only.  This means all applicants to the forums will be screened before posting privileges are bestowed by an administrator or moderator.  This process should take no more than one day, so feel free to familiarize yourself with things while waiting.  This screening process is done to help ensure the shared respect and camaraderie that exists among friends, rather than admit trolls or blueberries into our midst.

As an added bonus after signing up you’ll also have access to the chat box atop the Forum page for live chat.  Again, please be respectful.

Have fun, and we’ll see you on the Forum. 🙂

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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