Destiny – Game Night & Live-Stream

Guns of the Helghast Destiny Game Night Header

“We stand at the dawn of a new era, at the very precipice of Destiny.  The forces of Darkness attack us, blind to the threat that even now rises up before them; a glorious sun that signals the beginning of a new day, and that will bathe the ignorant in its flames of retribution.”

Welcome all ye new & returning Guardians of the Helghast dream.  The time has come to raise our war-torn banner once more, push back the Darkness, and reclaim our birthright among the spheres and stars.  Specifics below for your Ghost.

Event Host (PSN ID):  Lord_Orpheo
Event Co-Host (PSN ID):  jiin_kun

This Event Will Be Live-Streamed At:

Event Schedule & Duration:  Every Thursday from 9pm Eastern Time ~ 10pm Eastern Time

Event Focus:  The main focus of our gathering is a unified push against the Darkness.  As such, PvE in all its forms shall be embraced: Bounties, Campaign Missions, Quests, Raids, & Strikes [*NOTE: There is one exception mentioned below].

Rendezvous Details

  • Add the Host:  So that you may join us in reclaiming what is rightfully ours, be sure to send a ‘Friend Request’ via the PlayStation Network (on PS4) to myself, PSN ID: Lord_Orpheo
    with the message “GotH – Tower Division.”
  • Location:  At the appointed hour we shall convene within the confines of a PSN Party Chat named “Destiny – Game Night” created by the Event Host.  Once the Chat Room has materialized feel free to transmat in.
  • Don’t Be Left Out:  Our PSN Party Chat will be kept Public, but space will be dedicated to those PlayStation Community Members participating in the pummeling of the game night.  Space is limited, so we’ll be honoring the ‘first-come-first-serve’ policy.  Again, space is limited so try to arrive on time, Guardian.

We also ask that you exhibit conduct worthy of those chosen by the Light.  Please keep the Party Chat clean and respectful as we are bound by both the Traveller’s Will & Sony’s Terms of Service.

*NOTE:  While we are happy to help our fellow Guardians & ‘Ghasts with game content, power-leveling will not be handled.  Like the Lords of Iron, forged in the fires of adversity, true Guardians learn to hold their own in a firefight and develop strategy when pure power won’t suffice.  Expect to be helped with everything, expect to be carried through nothing.

 “Are you a true Guardian of the Helghast dream?  The true Guardian knows only hardship.  The true Guardian understands that the needs of the many come before the needs of the individual.  At a time like this with the enemy at our gates, this nation has space alone for true Guardians of the Helghast dream.  So I ask again, are you a true Guardian?”

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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