Destiny Monthly Update

Guns of the Helghast Destiny Game Night Header

Greetings from Guns of the Helghast. ☺
It has been one month since we’ve resumed our “Destiny (PS4)” game nights, and our fight against the Darkness progresses.  Click the “Continue reading” link to see how our fight fares.

First, I’m proud to announce a “Destiny” clan alliance with The Crimson Raiders. ☺
Headed by our longtime comrade CrimsonLance, aka HelghastKZ, we have joined forces to further our fight for the fairness and freedom of all.  May we both be successful in our pursuit. ☺

Second, I’m also happy to say another comrade has joined our ranks within our immediate “Destiny” clan, Angel! ☺
Welcome aboard, we’re excited to have you join us in the good fight. 🙂

That’s it for this month, tune in next for our March update. 👍

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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