Discord + PlayStation Stream Integration

Today, I noticed that there was a PlayStation log-in screen open on my PC, but I wasn’t sure why. I logged in, browsed through some Discord channels for updates, and then began a game stream. What happened next was something I didn’t expect.

Discord now knows that I’m streaming directly from my PlayStation 4. In Discord, it lists the stream title, the game title, gives an in-game screenshot, and provides a ‘Watch’ button for Discord denizens to tune in. Previously, in order to tell Discord that you were streaming from a PlayStation 4 you needed to use an app, like PlayStationDiscord, as a middleman to connect the two. This no longer appears to be necessary and is a very welcome change.

It was announced some time ago that Discord and PlayStation would be coming into closer contact with one another, but no one knew how. Whether this is the full extent of that new partnership or just the beginning of more to come, I am grateful for this Discord addition.

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