Loot Crate Delivery for Helghan Army General

Hey, director jiin_kun here on this lovely Saturday evening.  I’ve got some news while you wait for the next video from Ghastly Studios. Why not check out this brand new video??? It’s chock full of geeky goodness. And we’ll get the next video out soonish. Since we just finished scene one. You’re going to love it. I promise. Have a good weekend!!!

E3 2014 Guns of the Helghast Edition 2014 part 2. (Were going old school this time.)

Hello and welcome back. I’m your resident sexy Asian. And I’m here with another installment of my journey to E3 2014. Hold on to your bell bottoms because we are traveling back in time.  Back to a simpler era in gaming’s history. When Pong was king and Call of Duty hadn’t ruined your mum. Let’s go!!!