CN:Zebra: The Problem With Youtube.

Hey everyone. This is Code Name: Zebra, obviously. I just want to tell you guys that my Youtube channel is constantly being flagged for stupid $%^& and I’m getting fed up with it. My video showcasing the Indonesian horror game called Dread Out got flagged thanks to a Youtube user called BelieveSAS. Now I’m not the only Youtube user he has targeted so if any of my fellow helghast brothers and sisters’s Youtube accounts get flagged because of him…well, can’t say I didn’t warn you. He has absolutely nothing to do with Dread Out’s music or game development and yet he continues to target other Youtube users claiming utter nonsense about copyright infringement. After I disputed his claim I read that abusing the copyright claims will result in account deletion. I can only hope and pray that justice will be served and this @$$hat will get what’s coming to him and my reputation is restored.

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