E3 2014 Guns of the Helghast Edition 2014 part 2. (Were going old school this time.)

Hello and welcome back. I’m your resident sexy Asian. And I’m here with another installment of my journey to E3 2014. Hold on to your bell bottoms because we are traveling back in time.¬† Back to a simpler era in gaming’s history. When Pong was king and Call of Duty hadn’t ruined your mum. Let’s go!!!

Sony’s E3 Press Conference 2014 – Live

Guns of the Helghast here providing you a place to watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference. ¬†The stream goes live later today at 9pm EST. ¬†If you can get to streaming early there’ll be a pre-show 15mins. beforehand at 8:45pm EST, stream with you then.

What will be unveiled?  What might Sony show?  Feel free to leave your predictions / reactions in the comments below.  The Ghastly Media: Podcast Team made their thoughts known here.

Ghastly Media: Podcast Episode 1


Hello and welcome to the debut episode of the Ghastly Media: Podcast!

That’s right, Guns of the Helghast have expanded into the outlet of podcasting. ¬†All one need know is explained in the intro to our show, but I’ll touch on it a bit here as well. ¬†In our first show we explain what to expect from the podcast crew (Carlos ‘Orpheo’ Ortiz, Tim the Asian / Jiin, Gabriel / Sons, Gamer, & Trunz) going forward, who we are, and then jump straight into our E3 predictions. ¬†We had fun recording this and hope you enjoy listening to what will be the first of many shows to come.

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