Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello, it is I Tim the Asian. I’m here to bring you the first ever Thanksgiving video from Ghastly Studios. Filmed by your new Director Jiin_kun. I hope you all are having a great week and staying safe. Remember at the end of the week we should all be thankful for what we have before we try to beat that old lady up with her own cane. Unless you’re Canadian. Then of course we all know you won’t be attending the usual barbaric monstrosity that is Black Friday. Or African American Friday if you’re politically correct. And so inclined to say so. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Guns of the Helghast Halloween Costume Contest 2013


Foreground (left to right): Hyde, Champ, Orpheo
Mid-ground: (left to right): Honeybee, Orga, Ventura, Angel, Richard
Background (left to right): OnePiece, Slayer, Trunz, Diamond, Sons

Happy early Halloween, all! 🙂

We here at Guns of the Helghast have been feeling the festive spirit since HOME’s spaces started receiving their Halloween make-overs.  In celebration of this time of year Hyde had again chosen to host a Halloween costume contest this October 22, 2013.  The contestants were creatively competitive and the prizes were as sweet as candy, come join me for a brief recount of how the night’s event went. Continue reading