Edo mononoke hunting Part 3

Well fair citizens of Edo. It seems the hardships never stop in this small town. Not only have you been beset by a treacherous giant caterpillar. But, also there’s rumors of a door that leads to the underworld. And many that go through the door are never seen again. Well, never fear. I shall get to the bottom of this mystery and restore peace to this great city.

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Edo underground mononoke racing

Welcome to the second part of the two part article. As promised, I’m here to give you the lowdown on what’s been happening when people vanish through the mysterious door in Edo. If you haven’t read the first part feel free to peruse it in your spare time here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello, it is I Tim the Asian. I’m here to bring you the first ever Thanksgiving video from Ghastly Studios. Filmed by your new Director Jiin_kun. I hope you all are having a great week and staying safe. Remember at the end of the week we should all be thankful for what we have before we try to beat that old lady up with her own cane. Unless you’re Canadian. Then of course we all know you won’t be attending the usual barbaric monstrosity that is Black Friday. Or African American Friday if you’re politically correct. And so inclined to say so. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

CN:Zebra Play’s, Special, and One-Shot is on Hiatus

Hey Everyone,

It pains me to write this and I don’t mean to sound dramatic but I am running out of disk space so I won’t be able to produce anymore videos till I can afford an external hard drive. Yes I deleted unnecessary files, programs, games, ROM, etc. I compressed the uncompressed and I fragged the defragged. I’ve done all I can, Just accept it! LOL J/k. So I hope you guys understand and keep in mind that there is plenty of videos archived for you guys to enjoy just in case. I’ll try my best to make the hiatus as brief as possible. I’ll try to update you on Humble Bundle sales that catch my attention and a few little articles I’m inspired to write. Till then, big hugs to you all….\>^0^</

P.S. Have I told you guys I love you? Well I do! I love and appreciate each and everyone one of you! MUAH!