No video this week and an update.

Hail brothers and sisters of the mighty mother planet of Helghan! There won’t be a new video this week and probably not next week either. Everything is okay, no need to panic. It’s just that I’ve been really super busy with a lot of other side projects and I ran out of time. The good news is my blog is coming along pretty nicely and as soon as I got that ready you guys will get to see it. Many thanks to the brilliant Orpheo for progressing this dream project………………..Hamilton is very pleased…….>^0^<

Pictures from E3 2013


Over 200 pics from E3 & LA on my Facebook! Ā I’m not sure if people can view the album if they don’t have a Facebook but I’m gonna post the link to the album & if it’s not possible to view without an account sum1 let me know, cuz the album is open to the public so there shouldn’t be any restrictions unless Facebook doesn’t allow people to view without an account.