Guns of the Helghast Freedom Wars Game Night

Time: 6pm ET ~ 8pm ET
Host: Sons-of-Helghan
Location: At the above scheduled time, Guns of the Helghast will be meeting in a PlayStation Party Chat room by the name of: “FREEDOM WARS: Game Night” in order to orchestrate strategy and game launch.
For further details, please click HERE.
Open Event**

* = Closed Events are activities reserved solely for members of the Guns of the Helghast community.
** = Open Events are activities where all, with or without our membership, are welcome to participate, however, members do have priority.

5 responses to “Friday

  1. Guns of the Helghast is a lot more friendly. These events are really fun. It’s really good 4 me to try out new things and also, meet new people and make new homies (friends). 2gether, we will destroy the ISA.

  2. *it’s a good way for our members to Tryout new open spaces on PlayStation Home. And yes I made typo

  3. PlayStation Home fridays events are really fun it’s a good way for our to Tryout new open space on PlayStation Home. 😀

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