Ghastly Studios Rules & Regulations


A Note to all potential Applicants.

Ghastly Studios Clubhouse:

You do not need to be in the Ghastly Studios clubhouse to participate in machinimas, though you ‘usually’ must be a member within Guns of the Helghast.*

*But only if extras are needed and those participants must be in good standing with the club.

Benefits of Being a Clubhouse Member:

  • Access to the theater 24 / 7.
  • Primary consideration when casting.
  • Ability to assist with behind-the-scenes elements of production, including but not limited to:
    • Avatar & Space Design
    • Brainstorming for Scripts
    • Recording & Editing

Notice to all members of Ghastly Studios.

What follows is a brief set of rules & regulations governing the conduct of our meetings.  These are not designed to penalize but to create and help maintain an atmosphere of free-flowing creativity and productiveness.

When we are officially in session everyone in the audience is to be seated.  No one is to be out of their seat for any reason unless permission is granted by the host, co-host, or director, that is why there are seats present.  In regards to the director, when the host and co-host hand him or her the reigns of the meeting the director is to be afforded the same respect and authority as would be shown the host and co-host.  Ghastly Studios maintains an open dress-code policy so all are free to wear what they wish unless filming will be required that day, in which case expect instructions in your inbox or upon arrival for appropriate attire.  If one wishes to wear any sort of formal uniform to Ghastly Studios the official LOOT t-shirt or tube-top will be considered appropriate.  The Ghastly Studios club display name and tag are also optional unless hosting, in which case it is necessary to help others realize who is in charge.

Being sane people, for the most part, most caring and creative conduct is allowed but the following offenses will incur a one day suspension from Ghastly Studios:

  • Altering or messing about with studio equipment without permission from the host, co-host, or director.  This includes backdrops, cameras, furniture, lighting, and the stage.
  • Disrespecting the host, co-host, or director of Ghastly Studios or any of its members.  This includes name-calling and sexual harassment.
In regards to mic use within Ghastly Studios, it is permissible during the following:
  • Before our meeting begins or after its conclusion, this time is known as Open Discussion.  One may use their mic to talk and joke to their content so long as no one is made to feel uncomfortable.  However, once the host or co-host closes Open Discussion everyone is to refrain from using their mic and focus on the announcements.  Text chat shall remain unregulated for unrelated topics.
  • During Brainstorming Sessions.  So long as what one says contributes to the overall development of a project, mic use is fine.  Otherwise, please use text chat for unrelated or off-topic discussion.
  • While we are engaged in Improvisation Games and Role-Playing Activities.  One may use their mic to offer constructive criticism while remaining seated, so long as the motive behind such comments is to help improve an actor’s performance.  Please be mindful of what one will say.  Anything negative or hurtful directed towards anyone on stage or off is totally unnecessary to the improvement of Ghastly Studios cast and crew’s performances.  This will indeed earn a ban for the day if not careful.
  • During Movie Nights please to try to keep voice volume to a reasonable level as others may be trying to pay attention to the projection.  Riffing is allowed so long it’s contextual.
Mic use is allowed but may be restricted during the following circumstance:
  • During Rehearsals & When Officially Recording.  When too many people are talking on their mics a large lag in transmission is created.  The director will of course use his / her mic to issue instructions to the cast and crew who need to be able to hear those instructions clearly.  Actors also need to be able to speak with one another so it is best the audience not use their mic in order to assist in minimizing this lag.  Lags in transmission, or idle chatter in general, will cause great delays and hinder performances significantly as it can become very difficult to hear what is going on.  So please, refrain from speaking at these times and make use of text chat or wait till we have officially finished recording to resume mic use.  Thus far, the text box has not been shown to affect connection speed or generate lag of any kind.

In some way everyone wants to be part of a Ghastly Studios production, so please be considerate of one another and behave accordingly so that we might all have our close-up time with Mr. DeVille. 😉

Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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