Requirements: Do You Have What It Takes?!

When applying to Guns of the Helghast, these are the key qualities we are looking for:

Ability to Enjoy Events & Our Community:  You’ll need to be ready and willing to take on the greatest of tasks, even if you have to burn puppies to save our home-world.. jk (Don’t burn puppies cause it’s just flat-out bad manners.)  Our staff puts a lot of heart into the planning and implementation stages of their events to try ensuring everyone has a good time.  We also welcome everyone who may share any of our many passions to tag along in our ever-growing quest for fun, excitement, & camaraderie!

Appropriate Conduct:  We greatly value those who have a positive, cooperative spirit and display respect towards one’s self and others.  We have a ZERO tolerance policy within the Guns of the Helghast community, and we will respect and abide by the Sony Entertainment Network ToS as we continue to cater towards the best of this network’s capabilities.

If you do not meet the above qualities then this group is obviously not for you and we recommend you going elsewhere.  Questions, comments, and constructive criticisms are always welcome, so feel free to contact our staff with any concerns should the want arise.

For the actual application part of this page please tell us about yourself and why you chose Guns of the Helghast.  Some important things to remember:

  • Only verify your PSN ID, not your personal name, so we may contact you via a PSN message.
  • Make sure you have read and agreed to our above requirements before applying.
  • Please be specific in your answers so that we understand your expectations.  One of our goals with this application is to help you best attain the type of enjoyment activities you seek.
  • For your safety, keep detailed personal information private!  ALWAYS!!!  (No names, addresses, phone numbers… etc.)

Which 8th generation PlayStation gaming device(s) do you own? (required)

PLEASE READ:  For those who do not own an 8th generation PlayStation gaming device, we apologize, but we will not be accepting those membership applications.  This is done to ease communication among members via Party Chat, and to foster fun at our Game Nights as all current and future gaming activities will be focused around these devices.  We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Which game genres do you prefer? (required)

Which of our game or social activities might you be interested in attending? (required)

We appreciate your interest in our community.  Your application will be reviewed by our staff and if you are approved we will contact you on the Wednesday following your application submission with a hardy welcome message and further details. (^^)b