CN:Zebra Reports! Attempted Steam Account Hack!

This passed weekend my Steam account was almost hacked by a computer in Vietnam. I have to commend Steam for having an awesome safety protocol to make sure no one can access your account from a total different computer YOU did not authorize. I was aware of the situation by an email sent directly from Steam. I knew it was an official Steam email because the email addressed used.  From: Steam Support That’s how I knew it was the real deal. I just had to bring this up because when a company does something right it needs to celebrated. So yes guys, Steam is awesome and they deserve their customers loyalty. So if you guys have never heard of Steam or on the fence where to make a purchase from them, let my testimonial help you out.

CN:Zebra Report’s! Humble Indie Bundle 9

I remember playing the demo to Rocketbrids: Hardboiled Chickens on my ps3. LOVED the soundtrack by New World Revolution. LOVED the gimmick of a Rambo-type chicken kicking major @$$. I suggest you guys check it out as well as LIMBO. OMFG LIMBO is so creepy and morbid, viewer discretion advised there.  Awesome indie picks for the indie bundle this week. Check them out!